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Exploring Timeless Treasures: The Antique Marketplace in Auburn, WA

Antique Marketplace in Auburn Washington is the go-to place for anyone who loves the classics. Step into this treasure trove of history, nostalgia, and the glorious craftsmanship that constitutes its very fabric; the first thing that strikes you is a mellifluous sense of awe. Welcome everyone to the wonderful world of antiques, they say we should start at the beginning, so here we go.

1) Rediscovering Retro Charm: Mid-Century Modern (MCM)

Take a trip back to the glamorous 1950s and 1960s and explore our Retro/MCM range that exudes dynamism and a pop of color. From modernist chairs and lamps to mid-century sideboards and geometric sculptures, each object represents the defining spirit and promise of an age. Whether one is a regular collector or just starting to collect, the below list tipped with a touch of retroism will add the much-desired flair to Auburn (or the greater Puget Sound area) homes.

2) Decking the Halls with Vintage Delights: Decor, Holiday, & Gift

Celebrate the comfort of the holidays with us any time of the year as you shop for Decor, Holidays & Gift. Find classic accessories that have withstood the test of time, holiday decorations that are perfect to add some festivity to your home, and other creative ideas that allow you to welcome the colder months with open arms. No matter if you are going to decorate your room for some holidays or you’re trying to find an exquisite gift, our collection is designed for everyone’s favorite styles and events.

3) Fashion Through the Decades: Vintage Clothing

Fashion time travel will be a guarantee and the spirit of glamor will be within your reach if you visit our Vintage Clothing collection. Fashion aficionados, retro enthusiasts or simply those looking for timeless pieces that reflect each era from the swinging 50s to grunge 90s will find a lot to their liking here. Interested in getting your dream dress or finding a special fashion accessory? We have a rich collection of traditional dress that never goes out of fashion, all made available for our special clients here in Auburn, WA and beyond.

4) Preserving Timeless Beauty: Antique Art

Travel through history whilst discovering the intricate beauty of antique art through our Antique Art collection. From best-painted artwork to glistening sculptures, each and every one reflects the versatility of the people from the previous eras. Whether you are a part of the budget and looking forward to buying paintings for personal use or from the art business, our huge collection allows you to dive into the pool of antique art, in Seattle. 

5) Earth's Hidden Treasures: Collectible Rocks, Minerals, & Gemstones

Accept the exciting challenge of a geological expedition and discover the wonders of nature with our Collectible Rocks, Minerals, & Gemstones collection. From the twinkling of a gem to extraordinary stones, every single piece conveys the artistic complexity of the Earth. Whether it is your first purchase or you are an advanced collector, our specially selected lot will have you witness the exquisite world of rocks, minerals, and gemstones located in Washington.

Whether it is to add some antiquated touches to your home or office or even to go on some history hunting, our Auburn-based store invites you to come, explore, feel nostalgic, and pamper your eyes with what we have to offer!

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